Repairs and Fuel Nozzle Flowtesting

Flowtesting fuel nozzles can help add life to the hot gas path components and reduce emissions through more uniform combustion of fuel. This is a maintenance item where the savings can far outweigh the investment. Historically, a tolerance of +5% for a set of fuel nozzles has been acceptable in this industry. For over 10 years we have consistently been able to attain much tighter tolerances for our customers on both gas and liquid fuel.

POWMAT was a pioneer in using the same facility to manufacture and flowtest our fuel nozzles. For many years it was standard practice for others, including the OEM, to use one shop for manufacturing and another for flowtesting. The use of two shops created a problem as one shop did not share its findings with the other. On many occasions, we found that if a fuel nozzle was made to specification, it would not flowtest properly without a fair amount of rework. Once we communicated our findings to manufacturing, they were able to modify the specifications and produce a fuel nozzle which required little or no rework for it to flowtest. While our competitors were shipping their fuel nozzle between manufacturing and flowtesting, we were shipping to our customers. Investigate our specialized fuel nozzle service facility and see what we can do for you. We’ll clean, inspect, repair and flowtest your fuel nozzles quickly and economically.

Authorized Factory Repair of:

  • Roper Pumps and Flow Dividers
  • Fuel Nozzle Repair and Flowtest
  • Servo Valve Repairs
  • Check Valve Repairs
  • Bearing Repairs